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Updated: Apr 27, 2023

A picture is just a picture, a poem is just a poem, music is just music.  Each aspect of creativity creates a reaction, be it uplifting, thought provoking or puzzling.  It stimulates a part of you.  You may sing along to a song happily or cry as you hear lyrics that touch your soul.  You may see a painting & like the colour or the image or complexity or you may dislike it intently. A poem can be dreamy or complex, confusing & mad.  With each form of creativity it takes time & thought. These things will evolve & expand into something magnificent to some & not so to others.   If you were told the story of how these creative ideas evolved it would most certainly make a difference to how you see or hear it.  With all things we view from our own known perspective & will not see or hear what others do as we are all individuals in our thinking. But yet we forget our individuality & often go with the flock to fit in & be accepted.  One thing is for sure, we all have some form of creativity within us.  It’s worth exploring, be it singing a tune, writing down your thoughts or doodling a picture. Allow yourself the freedom to just be you with no fear of outcome or approval of others is the best gift you can give to yourself. ❤️

Why not join me on the workshop "Free Flow" no preconceived ideas or fear of outcome. Have a few hours relaxing & exploring your own unique creativity

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